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Battery Power Centre

Find the perfect solution to your battery requirements at one of our Battery Power Centres nationwide. We take the time to listen to your specific needs and offer you a cost-effective solution based on our understanding of your needs.

Your vehicles will keep running safely and efficiently with our superior range of batteries built with advanced German technology. We specialise in bringing you a complete line of heavy-duty batteries that are built stronger and last longer.

Our German enhanced technology coupled with our outstanding service nationwide and partnership with the best manufacturers, guarantees you access to the highest quality batteries available for all your domestic and commercial battery applications.


Our high quality products include the following:

  • AG9 Silver Alloy Automotive Batteries for every make & model

  • AG9 Silver Alloy Dual Purpose Batteries

  • AGM Deep Cycle Batteries

  • AGM Dual Purpose Under Bonnet Batteries

  • AGM Motorcycle Batteries

  • AGM Stop Start Batteries

  • Specialty Batteries

  • Victron Energy accessories,  including battery chargers, inverters, solar controllers & more


AG9 Silver Alloy Automotive Batteries

Enhanced flooded technology maintenance free to suit any vehicle With the high CCA, combined with superior RC and long shelf life, makes this product a must for your vehicle.

2 year warranty – private use  |  1 year warranty – commercial use

AG9 Silver Alloy Dual Purpose Batteries

This Sliver Alloy battery is high cranking, and deep cycle which is a perfect fit for your marine and 4WD use. With its advanced heavy-duty plate technology, this battery is a must for vehicles and watercraft with high electrical demand, especially when combined with its superior vibration resistance.

2 year warranty – private use  |  1 year warranty – commercial use

AGM Deep Cycle Batteries

The Power AGM Deep Cycle battery has fast become a trusted brand that Is a must for your caravan, camper, RV and marine application. Providing longer amp hours per case size, it will keep your accessories running longer.

2 year warranty – private use  |  1 year warranty – commercial use

AGM Dual Purpose Under Bonnet Batteries

Also from the Power AGM family comes a battery that is AGM, but also “under bonnet” rated. The AGM Dual Purpose has many size and polarity options, making it ideal for your 4WD start and dual battery setups.

2 year warranty – private use  |  1 year warranty – commercial use

 AGM Motorcycle Batteries

New to our range comes the latest in Motorcycle AGM battery technology to keep your precious machine running longer. No matter what you ride, we have all of the common sizes catered for.

1 year warranty – private use  |  1 year warranty – commercial use

AGM Stop Start Batteries

This Power AGM battery is perfect for your modern european prestige vehicle. With its High CCA and deep cycle battery technology, it is also ideal for your 4WD with its typically heavy accessory loads.

3 year warranty – private use  |  18 month warranty – commercial use

Specialty Batteries

We have all sorts of AGM and maintenance-free batteries available for your more unusual situations. Anything from fire panel batteries to golf carts, mobility scooters and solar storage.

Warranty – on advice.

Victron Battery Chargers

Fast becoming the battery charger of choice, Victron also supplies inverters, solar equipment and all accessories.

We are a major distributor of all Victron energy products, so come and see us today.

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Our Battery Power Centre batteries and more are stocked across 1000’s of stores in Australia and internationally.

We have established dealers in every major city – Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide and Hobart.

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