Australian Battery Industry Association


We’re proud members of the ABIA

The Australian Battery Industry Association (ABIA) has been involved in representing the interests of companies of all sizes who are ‘involved in the wholesaling of replacement automotive batteries in the Australian market place’. For 25 years the ABIA has worked with multiple bodies such as the ACCC, Environment Australia, and the Advisory Committee for the Transportation of Dangerous Goods on behalf of their members.

As a consumer, buying from a member of the ABIA ensures retailers adhere to strict objectives and codes of practice such as meeting environmental guidelines, operating to uniform standards and operating safe working conditions.

Product labelling

It’s vital all information a consumer may need when making the decision to purchase a battery is clear and readily available. As such, all ABIA members like Optima Batteries, adhere to strict guidelines, including:

  • No information labelling can be on the bottom of the battery
  • Performance claims must be factual, clear and unambiguous
  • Rated Cold Cranking Amps and Rated Reserve Capacity of the battery must be clearly displayed
  • Warning labels and warranty periods must be clearly displayed
  • ‘Recycle Triangle’ and ‘Crossed Wheelie Bin’ pictograms must be displayed on all lead acid automotive starter batteries

Safe transportation of batteries

The Australian Dangerous Goods Transport Code (ADG7) is a document adopted by each State and Territory through individual legislation that standardises the way dangerous goods must be transported in Australia. It covers key areas such as improved transport productivity, improved safety standards and a cleaner environment. All members of the ABIA must adhere to this code, and it’s a code that we support wholeheartedly. It outlines the roles and responsibilities of all involved in the supply chain, such as contractors, drivers, owners and importers, and is generally consistent with the ‘Recommendations of the United Nations Committee on the Transport of Dangerous Goods’.

Dedicated to the environment

As a member of ABIA we are dedicated to disposing of spent automotive batteries in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. We will always accept the return of spent batteries from our customers in equal quantities to that which has been purchased from us, and we will transfer them to bona fide scrap metal collectors and/or recyclers. We strongly encourage you to use this service, and never dispose of batteries in your household rubbish. Batteries must recycled in a responsible manner so the lead and plastics are separated, and all reusable materials are distributed for production in other products, including new batteries. Members of the ABIA have achieved a recycling rate of close to 100% for spent batteries, an incredible result for the ‘cradle to grave’ automotive battery recycling program. This world-leading program is achieved thanks to voluntary collection schemes, and without government assistance or intervention.